Kristian Sauer

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Ter Heijde, SA, Ireland and something Gnarly
Flikka Custom Quad 88l and Quad 98l

My setup

Both boards (fast 2/3 rocker) are used in all conditions. DTL to full onshore using 5.5 to 3.5 sails. The 98L is truly an amazing light wind wave riding board. But I also still use the board with my 4.6 fully powered with onshore mesh and lots of currents. When really powered up I grab the 88L which is still great even in 50knot winds! Good way to get up up and away! Tried a lot in the past, now actually always making use of the same fins, Wave sideshore – Medium. Just with lots of current/onshore the 06 fins might work better. When I need more upwind ability & control I move the front fins forward and also the mast foot. Vica versa with more dtl conditions.