We offer two freeride shapes.


If you are looking for a board that has great top speed but is also comfortable and easy to jibe, that’s the shape for you. It’s a bit more technical than our easy freeride model but you’re rewarded with quick acceleration and great top end performance.

This shape will work best with one of our Carbon constructions (light, regular or hardcore).


If you want a board that will get you planning effortlessly and will make jibes almost by itself, this is the board for you. It’s super smooth in chop and also fast when well powered up.

This shape can be produced in s-glass regular or one of the carbon constructions.

Both Freeride models come with all Flikka’s technical jewels… carbon mast box, carbon power box or optional deep tuttle for foiling, low weight, inox inserts with 2 screws per each side of foot straps, optional Gore-Tex valve.