Why would you even buy a custom slalom board? Maybe because we can make a board that is not made for PWA riders and therefore doesn’t need to be ridiculously powered up to work properly. Of course, our shape is fast, it’s a slalom board, but we also made a board that is easier to handle and jibe than most production boards.

We have different cut-out system than any other producer. We call it concave cutouts, because of the concave shape of the release edge which lowers drag and increases lift. We can use it because our boards are not made in moulds, where the concave edge would prevent the board to be released from the mould.

And since our boards are stronger, they will also last longer. We used all our little gadgets known from wave boards: stainless steel foot-strap inserts, full carbon monocoque mast box, and fin boxes (tuttle, deep tuttle or foil box). All to increase durability and lower the weight.

You can choose and dimension combination you want, we can make it, all up to 91cm wide.

At some point, a recreational racer has enough of soft decks, broken noses and crashed rails. That’s where our boards can make a difference. Not just that our new shapes are fast and comfortable, but they are also built better- full biaxial carbon on the deck and bottom, and also under PVC foam with 2, 3 or even 4 layers on some areas.