Flikka dedicated foil boards that feature wide tails, high lift bottom and sharp rails will enable you to get going and reach takeoff speed effortlessly. Thin profile of the boards is making the flight more stable and with the wide tail, you can easily control the foil and go upwind.

We offer two main dedicated foil shapes:


was developed for relaxed foiling with small to medium sails. Narrower tail compared to the race shape to make entering the straps easily. Available in all desired sizes.


developed for super early takeoffs with racing sails. The wide tail gives you enough leverage to push on the foil and go as fast as possible. Cutouts in the tail for less drag during takeoff and touchdown.

We also produce hybrid boards where you get a regular freestyle, freewave or freeride board fitted with deep tuttle box. Please contact us to find more.


Customers were asking for a quality solution that would allow freestyle boards to be used with foil wings when the wind drops.

We saw many broken boards where foil winds were fitted with power box which is simply not strong enough for this task. We used our proven freestyle shape, fitted it with deep tuttle mount and reinforced it where necessary. We also developed a G10 freestyle fin that can be used for such board. Total weight gain is only 300g which still makes a freestyle board light but it gives it another dimension and time on the water when the wind drops.

As usual, you can choose custom board specifics.

And since our boards are stronger, they will also last longer. We used all our little gadgets known from wave boards: stainless steel foot-strap inserts, full carbon monocoque mast box, and fin boxes (tuttle, deep tuttle or foil box). All to increase durability and lower the weight.