Privacy Policy

1. General

We are pleased that you are visiting our website. FLIKKA d.o.o. respects your right to privacy and endeavours to ensure the highest level of protection for your personal information. Therefore, when carrying out our activities, we are committed to acting in accordance with laws and regulations that govern the protection of Personal Data. In particular the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act and the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you of the purposes for which your personal information will be acquired and how it will be used, what your rights are in relation to the information we keep about you and how you can exercise those rights.

FLIKKA d.o.o. undertakes that the personal information which you submit will be used in accordance with this Privacy Statement and will not be sold, lent or otherwise transferred to any third parties, except in cases provided for in this Statement.

This Privacy Statement applies to users of our website, recipients of our newsletters and our customers.

2. Types of Personal Data

We only process your Personal Data on the basis of clearly stated and legitimate purposes, which are defined in this Policy. FLIKKA d.o.o. is committed to the principle of data minimisation, which means that we collect, store and process only the data we need to fulfil the purposes for which they are collected.

We collect your personal information directly from you (e.g. you provide your personal information when ordering our services, participating in our events or making inquiries).

Personal Data that we process may include:

  • general information about you – e.g. name and surname (including prefix or title), gender, age and date of birth;
  • contact information – e.g. address, business address, e-mail address, telephone number, telephone number of your personal mobile phone;

3. Purpose of data processing and types of Personal Data

All the personal information you provide to us will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the purposes for which they were submitted. Should a need arise for any further processing of your information for another purpose, we will contact you in advance and ask for your consent.

Distribution of newsletters to End Users

Name, surname, e-mail and address may be used to distribute newsletters. This information is processed on the basis of your consent. You may at any time withdraw the consent to receiving promotional messages. Please refer to the Section titled “Your rights” for more information.

Distribution of newsletters is carried out on the basis of basic content customization according to the products you have expressed interest in or purchased. Such customization is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interest in familiarizing our customers with additional information and presentations in order to improve our portfolio of services.

Distribution of newsletters to our partners and potential partners

Name, surname and e-mail are used to distribute newsletters. This information is processed on the basis of our legitimate interest in facilitating efficient and successful administration and management of our business.

Statistical analyses of customer data, orders and prospective buyers

This information is processed on the basis of our legal interest in the optimization of advertising and operations of FLIKKA d.o.o.. We use Google cookies: their policy can be found here.

Should FLIKKA d.o.o. identify a need for further processing of Personal Data for purposes that are incompatible with the above stated purposes, we will provide prior notice and ask for your consent regarding such processing.

We may provide your personal information to:

  1. We provide data to the public administration bodies and courts when laws and regulations require us to (for example, tax authorities, court requests, etc.).

4. Legal grounds for the use of Personal Data

The grounds on which we use your personal information:

  • Your express consent – we may occasionally ask for your consent to use your Personal Data for one or more purposes. Please refer to the section titled Your rights for more information regarding the rights that you have when we process your data on the basis of your consent;
  • Legitimate interests – the use of your Personal Data helps us to manage and improve our operations and reduce interference in the provisioning of services. Moreover, the use of your Personal Data allows us to make our communication more relevant and personalized to you, and renders your experience with our services and products effective and successful. Legitimate interests may include:
    • facilitating effective and efficient administration and management of our business;
    • enabling our customers to have quick and easy access to products;
    • maintaining compliance with our internal procedures and customer relationship management policies;
    • providing up-to-date solutions when interacting with clients regarding medicines;
    • familiarizing our customers with additional information and presentations for the purpose of improving our services.

Whenever we process your Personal Data on the basis of legitimate interests, we will explicitly indicate this in this Policy or inform you in advance on a special form.

  • Contractual or pre-contractual relationship – your Personal Data is processed when needed for the purpose of concluding and implementing an agreement with you. We process your Personal Data for the duration of the contractual term, including warranty or any other terms arising from the concluded contract (e.g. fulfilment of your orders in the on-line store).
  • The law – your Personal Data is processed when required by law (e.g., tax legislation).

You are obligated to provide personal information that we collect and process pursuant to laws and regulations. You communicate your personal information for the purpose of conclusion (and implementation) of an agreement on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that if you fail to provide us with personal information which we need in order to provide a specific service, we will not be able to provide that service (e.g. it is necessary that you provide your e-mail when making a purchase in our on-line store in order for us to fulfil your order).

With regard to Personal Data processing on the basis of your consent, the provision of personal information is always voluntary and without any negative consequences for you.

5. Retention period

We store all the Personal Data that we process in accordance with laws and regulations and only for the time required to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected.

When the Personal Data retention period is prescribed by law, data are kept in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.

When the grounds for the collection and processing of Personal Data is an agreement, the retention period lasts for the entire contractual term, including warranty or any other period arising from the concluded agreement.

When collecting and processing your personal information on the basis of your express consent, we keep your personal information permanently or until revocation.

6. Data protection methods

FLIKKA d.o.o. commits to protecting the personal information you provide to us. FLIKKA d.o.o. will do everything to protect Personal Data from any violation and misuse.

We store Personal Data in paper or digital form. All paper documents with your Personal Data are stored in protected areas, our computer systems are protected by technical and organizational measures that prevent any accidental or deliberate destruction, loss, damage, alteration and unauthorized disclosure or access to your Personal Data.

After expiry of the retention period or the revocation of obtained consent, the data (including any copies thereof) are immediately, irretrievably and permanently deleted. Any Personal Data carriers where such data are located are also permanently destroyed or deleted.

Should a violation of Personal Data protection occur, we will immediately inform the competent supervisory authority. For Slovenia, the competent authority for Personal Data protection is the Information Commissioner. To find out more about the function of the competent authority, please refer to their website. Should a criminal offence be suspected in the event of a violation of Personal Data protection, we will immediately notify the police or the competent prosecutor’s office.

Should a high risk violation of Personal Data protection occur involving the rights and liberties of individuals whose Personal Data we process, we will inform you of such violation without any undue delay.

7. Your rights

FLIKKA d.o.o. ensures that you can exercise all the rights that you have in relation to the processing of your Personal Data.

Termination of subscription to product newsletters

If you no longer wish to be informed about the products marketed by FLIKKA d.o.o., you can contact us at

The Data Subject may at any time request FLIKKA d.o.o. to:

  • Confirm whether the data relating to the Data Subject are processed or not.
  • Be granted access to the Personal Data:
    Access to Personal Data will be granted only when we confirm that your Personal Data are processed. You have the right to request information about what data is being processed and what the source of this information is.
  • Enable the correction of inaccurate or incomplete Personal Data relating to the Data Subject:
    Please make sure to inform us of any change in your personal information as soon as possible, as this is the only way to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the Personal Data that we keep.
  • Allow the right to have the Personal Data deleted (i.e. the right to be forgotten):
    The right to have Personal Data deleted is limited as we cannot delete the Personal Data that we process on the basis of law and regulations or on the basis of a contractual relationship between us (including any warranty and other periods that may arise from a particular contract).
  • Enable the right to restrict processing (e.g., the request to restrict processing is possible when running the integrity check on the Personal Data that we process).
  • Allow the right to object to the processing:
    The right to object to the processing of Personal Data is limited to processing that is based on a legitimate interest (cases when a legitimate interest is the basis for the processing of your personal information are listed in this Policy or we will inform you accordingly in advance) and processing for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling.
  • Make the data transferable and provide the Data Subject with data in a structured, generally used and machine-readable form or directly communicate them to another Controller.
  • Allow the right to withdraw consent, when Personal Data are processed on the basis of consent, whereas withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of data processing that was carried out prior to such withdrawal.

Consent may be withdrawn by an individual. Withdrawal of consent does not create any negative consequences for you. After you withdraw your consent, we will not offer certain services if these services are of such a nature that we cannot perform them without you providing your personal information (e.g., without the processing of your e-mail address we cannot provide you with e-mail notification services). Every individual to whom data relates has the right to file a complaint against us with the Information Commissioner.

You can exercise your rights by contacting us by e-mail at with subject of the message Personal Data protection.

FLIKKA, d.o.o. commits to respond to the Data Subject’s requests without undue delay, and at the latest within the statutory deadlines.

8. Contact

The person responsible or Data Protection Officer at FLIKKA d.o.o. will answer your questions about the confidentiality of your information, the way in which data is collected and processed, or your requests to exercising the rights relating to your information:

9. Definitions

This Section sets forth the definition of terms used in this Policy.

Personal Data is any information that refers to a specific or identifiable individual, specifically: name, identification number, web identifiers as well as factors that are characteristic of the individual’s physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

Processing is any act or set of actions that is carried out with Personal Data and includes, in particular, the collection, editing, storing, modifying, viewing, retrieval and deletion of such data.

Controller is a natural or legal entity who, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of processing.

Processor is a natural or legal entity as well as a public authority or agency or other body that processes Personal Data on behalf of the Controller.

End user is any natural person who uses our services (including on-line store users, members of loyalty clubs, etc.).

10. Changes

We reserve the right to periodically amend this Privacy Statement to adjust it according to current conditions and Personal Data protection legislation. For this reason, we ask you to check the updated version before providing any personal information, so that you will be aware of any changes or updates.