If you are ordering a custom board for the first time or if you are a regular custom board customer, it is always a special feeling. A dedicated board will be produced following your needs and instructions. Together with a special feeling, it might bring concerns if this will be the right board. No worries, we have plenty of experience treating customers in this situation and you will get a board that will work as planned. We created this web page to give you clear insight and understanding of the types of boards that we offer and details that can be adjusted. If you feel you still need help or clarifications, we are here to help you and clear any doubts.

After you choose all the details and set them in our board configurator or an email, we need to confirm it and then you are set for the next step – payment.

We build custom personalized boards and we require a part of the board to be prepaid to allow the production to start. FLIKKA is a AA creditworthiness company with high accounting standards. As the boards are expensive items, we prefer bank wire transfer payment. Once you pay and we confirm that we received the money production of your board will start.


All prices in FLIKKA web shop exclude shipping costs which are payable separately after the delivery address is determined.

All prices in FLIKKA webshop include 22% Slovenian VAT (value-added tax) that is applicable for all Slovenian and EU customers.
All other international customers will be invoiced the price without VAT.

Once the board is finished, we carefully pack it and send it to the required address. The cost is usually determined at the moment of ordering and calculated into the price of the board. We mainly use DHL or TNT and we can ship worldwide. If you have some special requirements let us know at the time of ordering and we will look for a solution.

FLIKKA will notify customers by e-mail when their order leaves its premises with the shipping courier.

One board package cost around 70-90 EUR shipped to mainland EU. For other locations, we will send you an exact quote. Rates are custom duty unpaid. Process of payment is handled by a third party (usually carrier) and FLIKKA is not responsible for incurred costs.

FLIKKA is not responsible for any package that gets damaged or lost due to other country customs or postal service. If the item is lost, damaged, or delayed by the shipping service, we are not responsible for it, but will help you resolve the issue with the delivery courier. Until resolved no refunds, credits, or replacements will be given by FLIKKA.

Product manual
Using a board is quite simple, but there might be some details that could arise some questions…In the package, you should find a printed version of FLIKKA boards Product Manual. Here you can get the online version.


REGULAR construction (STANDARD, CARBON or DYNEEMA) 2-years guarantee against failure of materials or workmanship (delamination, softening of the hull, inserts, fin and mast boxes), and 1-year guarantee against breakage.
HARDCORE construction


2-years guarantee against failure of materials or workmanship (delamination, softening of the hull, inserts, fin and mast boxes), and 2-years guarantee against breakage.
LIGHT construction


2-years guarantee against failure of materials or workmanship (delamination, softening of the hull, inserts, fin and mast boxes), and no guarantee against breakage.

This guarantee commitment does not cover damage caused by:
– normal tear and wear (scratches, punctures, dents, fading and paint or sticker chipping)
– improper handling, storage, maintenance or care
– use in commercial, rental or teaching environments
– incorrect operating of the air valve. Gore-Tex valve needs to be replaced every 2 years.
– incorrect set-up and usage of unsuitable gear
– accidents, misuse, unauthorized repairs or modifications
– sailing with an already damaged board
– heat or excessive exposure to sunlight (temperatures over 50°C).
Buyer is responsible to check proper functioning and condition of the product at all times.

Claims can only be made to FLIKKA.d.o.o. or to by FLIKKA d.o.o. authorized workshop. In case of a claim please contact FLIKKA as soon as possible. Your board will be handled (repaired or replaced) to our own judgment. Please also note that a substitution or a repair of a damaged board does not extend its original guarantee period.

Claims will only be accepted upon presentation of the original receipt. Only original buyers are entitled to make claims. These guarantee conditions are subject to the general conditions under Slovene law.

In the case of a confirmed warranty claim, the customer covers the cost of transportation of the replacement.