The Compact is a short and modern shape that excels in typical European conditions but will still feel right under your feet on trips to better waves on the planet.

Due to the more parallel outline the length of the board is decreased. This results in a fast, responsive and agile board that keeps the speed well, turns tight in small waves and loves new school tricks!
With its slightly narrower tail these shapes are not as extreme as some other stubby shapes on the market and the rail will still hold in more powerful side-shore conditions.
The vee / double concave bottom gives a great balance of smoothness and an alive character with lots of reactiveness. This will help to navigate the board through choppy conditions and help with control despite the short length.
Fin setup and recommendation: thruster or quad both works. If you are used to traditional longer outlines, have a rather old-school style or sail a lot in bigger or very choppy conditions the Thruster line might be better suited.
In this new Compact range our old compact quad, compact thruster and compact free-wave are merged.

The Compact is the board we choosen to send to the SURF Magazin for all-around 85l wave boards test because it is a very versatile yet radical wave shape that makes people happy around the world. You can order the exact same dimensions!