Core Line

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By filling out the following form you can configure and order your board. Once done please send it to us by email. For something totally different just contact us.

  1. After ordering we will personally contact you by email to finalize your order.
  2. We’ll start building your board as soon as we’ve received your full payment.
  3. Production and delivery time will be indicated in step 1, we aim for 6 weeks.

Shipping costs vary from 80 – 140 euro for a single board (EU).

Our address and bank account details:

FLIKKA d.o.o.
Hradeckega 35
1000 Ljubljana
Slovenija (EU)
VAT ID: SI65607503
Account details:
IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 2339 459
Bank address:
Abanka Vipa d.d.
Slovenska cesta 58
1517 Ljubljana
Slovenija (EU)

We took the best-selling models and volumes and made a stock of boards. Same quality, minimum delivery times, attractive price.

• Full custom-building process, just like our custom line
• Shapes are tested and optimized to work for the widest variety of riders
• Clean design and shape
• 2 years guarantee against failure of materials or workmanship
• All listed board types and sizes are usually on stock – no more long waiting periods on your custom-built board
• Check available sizes in a specific model – dimensions section
• Affordable price

Modifications or customization of shape, design, pads, and fins are not possible in the Flikka CORE line. If you want a board that is 100% tuned to your wishes, order a Flikka full custom board.

Available models and sizes in CORE line


is our most popular construction that works best for the majority of riders. It’s a Combination of S-glass, biaxial carbon and Dyneema fibers which are strategically positioned where their characteristics are most needed- X-carbon construction over the standing area, Dyneema nose and an additional layer of s-glass on the rails. It offers the best combination of strength, impact resistance and price.

REGULAR: most all-around construction. Combines low weight, high strength, and good impact resistance. Suitable for all types of riders and all conditions.


As we searched the market for the best fin boxes and fins we came to the conclusion that we need to develop our own. With in house developed carbon made fin boxes, we achieved a much stronger and lighter solution that plays a crucial role in multi fin boards. Depending on the model and size of the board we suggest a certain type of fin box (slot box, US box, power box, or tuttle box).

We produce our Flikka fins from durable G10 material that are tested to work best with our boards. All the boards include a proper set of fins but you can always order additional fins to increase the range of your board.


Each product is good only as its weakest part. For this reason, we take a lot of effort to take care of every possible detail.

foam comes from a factory that is only 3 km away from our workshop. Together we developed and tested a special EPS foam that has the best characteristics for a windsurfing/SUP/paddle board. Due to the short travel distance of this voluminous, we are proud that we make a smaller negative impact on the nature that makes windsurfing a special sport.

We use highest grade divinycell foams in different density and thickness.

We make use of our own developed inox inserts that come with all of our boards. Over the years this system has proven to be 100% reliable and you won’t ever experience a broken screw or insert.

We use 4 screws per strap on the front and back foot-straps. We usually recommend 2 insert positions for back and front. Regular stance on wave boards is 42,5 cm/45 cm/47,5 cm, freewave and freestyle has 40 cm/42,5 cm/45 cm. If you would need a different stance, you can order a custom board.

The board comes equipped with soft, durable and adjustable Flikka foot-straps. Regular foot-strap width for quad, thruster, and freewave is 15cm, for freestyle 14cm.

CORE line boards have a regular valve screw.