Florian Behringer

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Denmark, North France, Baltic Sea
Flikka Custom Quad 83, Flikka Custom Quad 92, Flikka Freestyle 98, Flikka Windfoilsup 127

My setup

95% of the time, I prefer a quad setup for waveriding. However, from time to time, especially when there are marginal wave conditions, it’s nice to have a fifth fin box.  Then I use my bigger board with a thruster set up in 16 and 2×12 (asymmetric fins) to reach a slightly better planning performance.

I usually pick the Custom Quad 92 (226×60.5; rocker R1/2) with:

·       Down the line – soft (04) fins in 15-10 for less wind / great waves in side to side-off conditions (e.g. Britany, Normandy or Denmark)

·       Wave Sideshore – medium (02) fins in 15-10 for average wave conditions (usually side-on wind up to 22 knots, small waves).

For all other kinds of waves (strong winds from 22 knots upwards and small to big waves) I take my 83.5 Custom Quads (224×58; rocker R1/2) with:
·       Down the line – soft (04) fins in 15-10 in bigger or good quality waves
·       Sideshore – medium (02) fins in 14-10/9 for average wave conditions

Freestyle and wind-foil/wind-sup are perfect complements if wind conditions do not allow regular waveriding.
For freestyling, I choose my 98l board with 19cm Flikka freestyle fin (powerbox) in winds from 12 to 22 knots.

The Flikka wind-foil-sup board (233×77) is my latest addition and a real all-purpose tool. Inspired by wider and more compact concepts we designed the board for the following range of application:
– wind-sup in waves
– foil windsurf and for practicing windsurf in low-wind
– sup flatwater
– sup in waves

As wind-sup board, you are able to waveride with just 6-7 knots even in small waves. Therefore my setup is a 128liter wind-sup board and 14 -11 quad side-shore – medium (02) fins. For wind-foiling I use the Horue H10 foil.