David van Eijk

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Wijk aan Zee + IJmuiden, Brittany – Crozon peninsula and other magic places 
Flikka Custom Quad 88L, 95L, 106L

My setup

Custom Quad 88: This is my board for when it’s stormy. Build strong (HD) to last and shaped for maximum control. Rocker 2/3, fin set: 15 rear, 10 front – medium flex.

Custom Quad 95: This is my most used board. The does it all, everywhere stick. Build light and strong (Light
Dyneema) I like the feel of light boards under my feet, but not at all costs… It must handle some impacts with
rocks and reefs. That’s where the Dyneema comes in handy…Rocker 3, fin set: 15 rear (16 with light wind) 10 front – medium flex.

Custom Quad 106: This is my light wind board. Shape: a mix of Quad and Compact. Volume makes everything
easier, especially in light wind+ nice waves conditions. Board sails/feels/ like a small one. Light Dyneema construction. Rocker 3/4 , board planes super early and turns on a dime. Fin set: 16 rear, 11 front – medium flex.