Torben Tijms explains how he gets the best out of his board

Weight: 85 Kg
Heigth: 186 cm

The Dutch coast gives us different conditions. Most of the time I windsurf in side to side-on conditions with different kind of waves.
To get the best out of my board I started experimenting with different types of fins.

Until recently I always used stiff G10 fins underneath my board.
From stiff to extremely soft centers and shark tooth to the more surfy asymmetrical (505) sidefins.

Hard fins (06) are the stiffest fins with more area, perfect for jumping, onshore conditions and heavier riders. The straight leading edge gives quick planing, high end speed and great upwind performance. For me the perfect fin in onshore conditions.

Medium fins (02) also have more area and thicker profile but they are a bit softer than our hard fins. These fins cover wider variety of conditions from side-off to side-on.
It’s a typical fin for the all-rounder who surfs in different kind of conditions. I use this type of center fin when circumstances are extremely changing during session (tide change, current or changing wind directions).

Soft fins (04) are my favourites. They have thinner profile, less area and are perfect for pure DTL conditions.
These flex fins are amazingly grippy in the topturns. The flex makes it easier to go extremely hard and vertical at the critical section and gives more control when leaving the critical part of the Wave and this provides an option to go for another vertical hit….
These fins are lighter and feel snappier than the medium or hard fins.