Wijnand Peters

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Wijk aan Zee; Klitmöller, Ijmuiden, Gnaraloo, Paternoster, Cape point
Flikka Custom 83L, rocker 2/3, swallow tail 

My setup

I like sailing the most when powered up, so 3.7 or 4.2 with my 83 liter Flikkaboard.I’mm only 78 kg and can control the board in every condition. I choose rocker 2/3, because my home spot Wijk aan Zee has a lot of mixed conditions, mostly side shore. I surf my board Quad most of the time with 10cm and 14cm fins. Mast position: mostly in the middle. In lighter winds and onshore wind more forward. Full power wind and higher waves more back. For me, the footstraps are very important. Needs to be narrow and touch both sides of my foot and a little high so I can still “rotate” my foot in turns or get out easy in crashes.

Favorite moves: big back loops and stalled forwards.