Uli Holzl

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Mauritius, Western Australia, Caboverde, Madagaskar, Sardinia
Flikka Custom Quad 68L

My setup

I chose the Wave Quad with 68L as I am a small girl and mostly sailing in down the line and side shore wave conditions. As Luka knows me a bit he told me to decide for rocker Line 2 and a swallowtail. I am very small- 154cm, so the most important for me was a smaller distance between the front and back foot straps (41cm) and also towards the mast foot position. Those details made a huge difference for me!!! When I sailed the board for the first time it instantly felt comfortable. Luka recommended using 12cm soft fins in the back and 10cm stiffer ones in the front. this setup was just perfect. All together it made my wave sailing so much easier and more playful!!