Robin Wilen

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Finland, but living in Denmark
Cape Town and Hanstholm 
Flikka Custom Quad 84 L, Quad 93 L; hardcore carbon construction

My setup

The shapes are based on the boards Kenneth ride and modified by Luka to fit my weight. We shaved off approx. 1 cm from the width compared to the standard quad shape of equivalent volume. With this, I wanted to maximize the volume of the boards without sacrificing control. It turned out just perfect! They ride well in the smaller waves and choppier conditions here in Denmark and also have really good control in bigger and faster waves in Cape Town.

I like to ride rounded squash tails that provide a bit more surface to push on. Always ride quad set up and mostly use the Wave all round slim version with 145mm back fins and 95mm front fins. These fins provide great grip and control but don’t get too powerful and stiff as they are quite slim in the profile. The slight flex also makes them turn really well. Sometimes in bigger waves, I switch to the Wave side shore fins.

The smaller 84L board has rocker 2 and is 224x57cm. The 93L has rocker 3/2 and is 224x59cm. These two boards cover really well all the conditions I ride and my weight is normally approx. 85kg.

I also have a super lightweight 105L Flikka Freestyle that I use on the fjord where I live (preferably when nobody is watching ?).