Maxime Fevrier

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France, leaving in Peru
Pacasmayo, Peru
Flikka Custom 77l and 86L 

My setup

Board ID:  Length: 222cm, Width: 56cm, Volume: 77l, Construction: Rgl L, Rocker: R# 2/3, 5x fin box

Using it mainly quad fins with standard Flikka Fins: 10cm front and 13cm rear. Sometime when waves are really big and it’s windy I can put 14cm on the rear to have more control. This is my main board it’s really fast, turns really tight and allow me to keep the control all the time. The board has the ability to accelerate in a second and change rail to rail spontaneously. The construction is light, dynamic and really strong!

I almost never change my foot straps and fins setup, the board is very polyvalent and work fine in all conditions. I use it with sails from 5.0m2 until 3.7m2, from small to big waves the board follows me all around!

When the wind is light 12 until 15 knots I use a 86L.

Board ID:  Length: 224cm, Width: 58.5cm, Volume: 86l, Construction: Rgl L, Rocker: R# 2, 5x fin box

I mainly use it with quad fins: 10cm front and 14cm rear. This board is my weapon for saving the light wind wave riding sessions. It’s slower than my 77l but turns and goes absolutely where I want. Really good board for small to medium sizes waves.