Max Brinnich

Sail no.:
Favorite spots:
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Maceio(Brazil), Podersdorf(Austria)
Flikka Freestyle Compact 90 & 100, Freewave 80

My setup


I am about 70kg – so my most used Board is the Freestyle Compact 90 (207×62). I use it with Freestyle sails from 3.6 to 4.8. For me, it’s quite important to use a quite big fin (21cm) to have the control when you go full speed in the chop. When the wind is on the light side I use 5.2 and 4.8 with the 100l Freestyle Compact (210*63), same fin size. It completely depends – sometimes I prefer 4.8 with 100l and sometimes with 90. But when I am really powered up with 4.8 the 100l is too big for me as I can’t get enough pressure on the rails. So for me, the 100 makes my light wind range a lot (and I really mean a LOT) bigger, while the 90l is my favorite board.

Wave/Freestyle Wave

I use a Custom Freewave (220*57) with Thruster Setup. The special thing about this Board is my stance – it’s exactly like on my Freestyle board. I always hated when I changed from my Freestyle board to a wave board and had totally different strap positions and the Mastbase really far away – so I felt like I had no control in jumps. For me, this board is really sick, as it is my small Freestyle board (with single fin I even did double Moves) and my wave board as well. I was using it in all kind of conditions from flat water chop (in nuclear storm chase conditions) to small onshore waves to big down the line Waves in One Eye (but then I put the base as much as forward as possible).