Martin ten Hoeve

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Holland Wijk aan Zee, Denmarks Agger, Hanstholm
Flikka Custom Quad 95L, 105L, 112L

My setup

All my boards are made a bit longer, so I have a not to loose board, I like to work with a bit of rail while surfing the wave.

They are all based on double concave what gives the right amount of loose and grip.

I got a wide stance with my foot straps and my fins I put in front of my fin boxes because I like drive and grip, the mast track is towards the back of the box so it releases the nose a bit.

112L x64x232xR3 fins quad 10 asymatric 16cm, 105Lx 232x62xR3 quad fins 16cm 10cm symmetric, 95L x 228×59.5xR2/3 quad fins 15cm x8cm symmetric.