Leon Jamaer

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Weißenhaus, Klitrosen, Middles, Haagkat, Hookipa, Skeleton Bay.
My Flikka custom Quads in 82, 85 and 91

My setup

On the 85 I have rocker #2, single concave, a wide stance and mast base forward. Fins, I use side shore in rear and onshore in front. Like that the board is a wave riding machine! On the 91 I have rocker#2 also, double concave, wide stance and mast base backward. Fins, I use medium ones in rear and soft ones in front. The board seems to have the perfect balance of wave riding feel and onshore drive. Both boards have standard glassing which seems to be the right mix of strength and weight for me. The 82 is in hardcore construction as it’s meant for jumping and Storm Chase.