Lina & Val Erzen

Sail no.:
Favorite spots:
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Lina SLO-51, Val
Preluka, Marina Julia, Medulin, Liznjan, Grado, Naxos
Lina: Flikka Custom Freestyle 80L, Custom Thruster 65L.
Val: Freestyle 73L, Thruster 60L

My setup

We really like Flikka boards. We have more than 150 days per year on the water and most of them are very intensive. It is crucial that boards are of great construction and Flikka boards exceed our expectations – one nose repair by two riders in three seasons! The rest does not come even close. We really like the development over the years which help us today with better top speed and easier execution of various tricks. Being 10 and 12 years old it is difficult to get the boards that would fully suit our needs and we find is essential we can choose custom dimensions and volumes. Not to mention foot straps stance and size – a small difference with huge impact. On top of all, we get custom fins in the package and design that we personally choose ?