Jo Reitberger

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Jo Reitberger
Cape Town for wave sailing & Brazil for freestyle windsurfing
Flikka Custom Freestyle 92 & Wave Quad 88

My setup

My setup for a 88 Kg and 178 cm guy:

– Freestyle 92 HC (207 cm x 62 cm)  with an FS rocker. I use an 19 cm fin for strong winds and sail sizes 4,0; 4,4; 4,8. In choppy conditions, I put the mast base more to the front as well as the fin in my slot box. Mostly I go middle/middle set up. The board works perfect in every condition and feels like riding a skateboard.

– Wave Quad 88 HC (224 cm x 58,5 cm) with rocker 2/3 and a swallow tail. I choose the 5 quad and tri-fin option. I only use the board as a quad. No matter the conditions, the board is giving me enough grip. I use a 2 x 10cm & 2 x 15cm fin set up. The board has an outstanding performance no matter if I’m using it in down the line or jumping conditions. This board will always be my first choice.