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By: Sepp - AUT

My weight is some 75kg and I wanted a fast planing board for 1-2m waves and side-off to side-on conditions. After a few emails with Luka I ordered a Quad 225/58,5 HD/light dyneema with fast rocker #3 and a bit of tail kick.

First impression after unboxing in autumn 2016....what a beauty.

In February I took the board to Cape Verde to Ponta Leme for three weeks. The waves were rather small most of the time but there were also some days with logo high waves. Also the wind was not really strong. I have been using the 5,6 combat all the time.

The Quad accelerates quickly, planes pretty early and is very controllable. On the water as well as in the air. Jibes are very easy even in the very choppy swell of Ponta Leme.

Bottom turns are very controllable and my cut backs are now getting more and more tighter and snappier. I preferred the soft fins because they have more grip and are easyier to control on high speed. I think for a mediocrely talented rider like me grip and controll on the wave are more inportant than loosness and sliding on the lip. And I think that helped me to improve my waveriding a bit.

New to me was the shorter distance from mastbase to footstraps compared to my old waveboard. But after some runs I got used to it.

Going upwind with the 5,6 is descent but not overwelming. But maybe thats because of the sail size. I think a 5,0 will do this job much better.

Summary: early planing, fast, easy turns and jibes, very controllable, durable (HD dyneema bottom, light dyneema on the deck; did not have to test it....as didn't the airline....), light (6,7kg complete); quite descent upwind ability.

Would I buy it again? Definitely!

By: kostas stamatakos

Flikka Custom Line, Quad Wave Line, 225x60.5cm, 93 liters, Rocker #2, Regular construction.

I am a professional windsurf board repairman and a typical, allround, 95kg, windsurfer. Trying some basic freestyle moves, having fun with waves when I find some, riding up and down with a smile on my face. Advanced beginner, I would describe my level, having seen some top sailors from up close.

I look deep “inside” windsurf boards everyday. I have seen every well known brand’s boards, some unknown ones’ too. This is why I chose my new board to be a Flikka. I was 99% certain that construction wise, it would be as good as I want it to be.
I also enjoyed the technical details, like the metric thread strap inserts, the well built custom boxes, even the conical air vent. These do matter! They matter in praxis, and do underline the shaper’s perspective on windsurf boards.

So, I bought a used, one year old demo quad board, from Flikka headquarters in Slovenia.
A board that changes hands every now and then. A board that everyone pushes hard, to see how well it performs, without being used to it, without having paid for it. Without caring about it as their own…

Few days later, the board arrived in the workshop, perfectly packed, which is important.
First thing I did, was to check the board for soft spots and signs of delamination· well it is my job :). And these are problems you can find on almost any Cobra made board, from three to six months old.
The Flikka had nothing. Zero fatigue! The board feels and sounds like new. Yes, you can tell a lot about a board, from its sound. I was happy, 99%. I did not like the rail, being painted flat black. But I could easily fix this. Actually, I already did. :)

Ten windsurfers had a look at the board in the shop, before I took it home with me. They all asked, is it brand new? Well, this was a surprise, for a 12 month old, used and abused wave board. Only the pads give away its age, as they are a bit worn. The board is really well made. From the paint job on the bottom, to the anti skid on the deck, to the screws.
But enough with “on the beach” impressions.

“On the water”, I just had a couple of hours with the board on rather mellow conditions: side on, 5.0, choppy - small waves conditions. So happy with the board. Nothing more to ask. Just time on the water… It is stiff and rigid under the feet, but not too hard on the ankles and knees as the pads with heel bumpers do a great job.
The board lifts on the plane super easily, even with marginal wind force, and stays there through the lulls. It feels quite lively under the feet, it always turned faster than I anticipated and it is super fast on a straight line. The positioning of the straps and the volume distribution, felt just magical. The spot was port tack, and I prefer jumping starboard, so I only had a few opportunities to hit good ramps. I was happy again! The board jumps on its own and lands softly if you drop the tail just a bit.

I definitely need a lot more time and a wide array of conditions, to get to feel all the aspects of this board. But to me, the first impression is really important and the Flikka, after stealing my mind (construction and tech wise), stole my heart too (riding wise).

Congratulations to the Flikka team, for the love, the thought and the effort they throw in their boards! Keep pushing our sport forward.

By: Robbert Quaak

Flikka Allwave 79 liters, rocker #2, HC Dyneema. (The Orange 59)

Sailed the Flikka in Gostoso where the wind is mostly side to side-offshore from the right.
Water is choppy and there is possibility of medium to bigger sized waves a bit further on the reef.

I had not sailed for quite a few months so it took me a little while to get in the 'swing of things' again.

I have sailed only with a 4.8m sail and all three fins were fitted.
This board is really fast, I can control it well also in overpowered situations and it gybes like a dream.
Jumping it is so easy and as a beginner-wave rider I even managed a few nice turns which felt really radical (hehe).

It gets a lot of attention and I receive good feedback from my fellow windsurf men and women...
I love this board and can't wait to get back on the water!
If I need another board it will be a Flikka again.

By: Thomas

Flikka Quad 224x59.5 93l, rocker #2/3 combo, regular construction.

I guess the key thing is that the board's performance exactly reflects what was discussed with Flikka. I wanted a fast-planing waveboard that still turned well for waves up to 3m, side-off to side-on directions, sail sizes 5.7-4.5, rider 88kg.

Initial impressions below for 5.0 weather side shore and side-on, 1-2m waves.

- Nice and floaty over white water, it then planes quickly and accelerates fast to a very high speed for a wave board. Especially if you bear off to hit a ramp it gets very fast. It allowed some serious jump heights in moderate conditions.

- It feels lively in a straight line but very well under control. From how it sounds, when you hit chop you notice that the board is pretty stiff. It goes upwind well, no issues.

- On the wave the board turns very tightly, especially in the bottom turn. It allows me to get a good bit more vertical. This is better than expected if you consider the moderate rocker line. It feels remarkably controlled on the rail and absorbs chop better than anything I sailed before.

- Front-side top turn is nice, tight and grippy. You can really use the full rail and load the back foot to really finish the turn off. It then pivots nicely downwind again to pick up speed quickly. It is very forgiving at this point. It will not easily allow to catch the wrong rail, and somehow manages white water recoveries easier.

- It does need a little more speed than I'm used to approaching the top turn, otherwise it may stall during the turn if the wave turns soft on you. Not applicable in good conditions, but I had some time with it in side-on conditions with slow waves plus current and it did require some attention. I noticed the fins are quite stiff, and softer front fins will likely help here.

- No issues with the shorter length. Slogging, straight-line ease, tacks, top turns require no special attention.

The looks of a board might not be the most important aspect, but this is one stunning looking board! I really like the fluo glossy paint, orange fins (!) and reinforcements shining through.

By: måns jönsson

This is my feedback so far about my new flikka 227cm 64,5cm 105 l. First to notice the board is compact! Feels stable under feet sill very loose. Nice up and go! Incredible range of use! Big sails small sail high wind light wind waves flat water !! It does everything. Easy to sail and great fun! A truly one board!

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